El Instituto de Capacitacion para la Industria Maritima y Portuaria S.C, se
constituye para capacitar al personal subalterno de la Marina Mercante Nacional.

Is it for the public good, or at least not likely to be detrimental to
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procured more medicines, and persevered in their use till finally a complete cure of
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Among the Edentata, the Great Anteater and the Manis have no
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little or no discharge from the point ; acute endocarditis is pro-
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catory movements were made. At 4 p.m. slight trembling of the
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existed, food no longer passed into the sinus, and the mare was able
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walking, the leg \'as moved forward ^vith difficult}-, and collapsed when
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by this Association, to contain such essays or communications as are
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— " aux armes, citoyens"! Kvery Sunday so long as the war lasts there
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Mr. Bruce did not understand that his hon. friend who had brought
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Sir, — I have lately employed with advantage a new form of enema
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day Fund from the Manchester and Salford Medical Charities for
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the first time in your history, your grievances have been ventilated in
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having given me up to die, learned of my applying to Doctor Root, and took the li-
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bellious to treatment, apt to return, and usually seen in combination
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tumours in and below the skin, but confined exclusively to the ex-
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accidental transgressor, much more deserving of our interference, would
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felt at the digital artery. Pulsation of the gluteal ? (arterc fessicre)
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formed of round-cells, with large nuclei. It contained neither tuber-
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hard-working man, and on two or three occasions he had received inju-
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been brought into contact with the anterior walls of the chest. But,
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cavity, which only contains shapeless cellular debris and granulations. ''
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lished Surgical Cases and Observations va. London and Edin.
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The study of tuberculosis in the Gallinaceas was again taken up by
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ise healthful blessings for the stooping shoulders, the cramped lungs,
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tinually growing worse, I was pronounced by them incurable, and all my friends
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examinations, the competitive examinations for the iiitcyitataxA cxicrnat,
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The alveolar cavity does not heal with equal readiness in all cases.
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its highest tension. Two or three times he tried to
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From the 5th pain diminished, more weight was' placed on the
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from a parlour-pistol, which at the same time wounded the gall-duct
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sense, and of familiarising himself with proceedings in which manipula-
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an accompaniment of other lesions of the endocardium, or of arterial
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diaeval corporations, to dignify those bodies by the title of " medical
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received her Majesty's commission as a justice of the peace for Plymouth,
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The cardiac systole and the pulsations of the arteries may be of unequal
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dents of Paris, to form "un cercle medical et scientifiqui" — a medical
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instead of having invaded the liver and spleen they occupied the lungs,
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walls suddenly, and to a greater degree than normal ; but, as consider-
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should feel myself ungrateful not to express the deep feelings of obligation I am
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proper objects for admission, but principally for those recovering from
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ing cause was probably so low down as to render it very unlikely that
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read of, in which disease either of the spinal cord or of the medulla
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tuberculosis in the horse have been published. Excluding the lymphan-