El Instituto de Capacitacion para la Industria Maritima y Portuaria S.C, se
constituye para capacitar al personal subalterno de la Marina Mercante Nacional.

the history of a very complicated and obscure case in which in-


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groups, (a) and (&). The (a) group includes a number of pieces

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brush by the aid of a No. 3 mirror. I am informed that to-day

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analogy to the scarlatiniform, the erythematous, and pemphigoid erop-

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daughter, stating that she had a hair-pin up her nose, and

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the influence of artificial stimulation. Hence it would seem that while,

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that he has a pleasant way of putting his opinions, nor

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• Authorized Dr. John B. Rice, Jr., to rent at his discretion

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mer, and began accordingly to rub his ears until they

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1830. Jan. 28. — An Aet to incorporate Medical Societies to regulate

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pital on North Brother Island. His statement, given out to

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abscesses in the glands of the axilla. Great prostration may pre-

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two distinct diseases, neither of them protecting against the other. For in

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fessional or otherwise, upon their juniors, nor could they correspond

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previous unhealthy state of the membrane itself or of the circu-

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for staphylococcus ; examination of eye grounds revealed no

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for the M.B. degree. In the first examination for that degree

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gynecology and consultations. His offices are in the Venetian Building.

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an extensive slough took place on the inside of the thigh of the wound-

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however, a few remedies of real value — cod-liver oil, iodide of potas-

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This method is no doubt efficient in all cases in which the

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toxic substances absorbed from the bowel as well as the liver. In answer

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had, and which, although in the eighth month of her pregnancy, she could

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instrument to be constantly used, and that injurious consequences could

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deferens, I was so unfortunate as to cut this tubular

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the case in which the opening into the bladder is above the inser-

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(though under influence of nerves) was shown by Stemace to be

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in the previous accounts, and which it is extremely difficult to de-

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it cures spasms and removes pain, but it does not remove the cause. It often does good, by

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phenomena and causes of disease, he is in the best possible position to

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anuria, one of the chief complications leading to death. More recently the Egyptian

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the final stage in many cases where the lung condition is

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an heritage from the remote past of the human race. Before history

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much mortification. Tiie clonic spasms come in paroxysms which generally

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could not be examined for granules. In examining the cultures for

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