El Instituto de Capacitacion para la Industria Maritima y Portuaria S.C, se
constituye para capacitar al personal subalterno de la Marina Mercante Nacional.

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case shows that fatal haemorrhage is not always immediate. (' Med. Gaz.'
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clubs, day nurseries, play gardens, clinics, and various organisa-
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In many of these cases the explosions are due to the
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Prese)d condition. — Apex-beat in nipple line, impulse not
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inclined to believe that we must look to the ancient
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the history of Bright's disease. Further, in describing the symptoms of
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Figure 2— Sites of action of the major antihypertensive Figure 3— Side effects of central and peripheral acting
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fected. The pregnancy which furnished the case forming the subject of
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or fifteen days indicates precisely any variation in the magnitude of the
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supposed cases of sclerosis of the posterior columns brought to
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the extension, by the Aveight and pulley, gave rise to increased pain;
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Schneeberg and the Austrian Alps, near Scmmering — 2V2 hours by
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sive. Some authors have regarded " Senile chorea " as distinct from
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events, convalescence is declared during the stage of desquamation. The
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life will be altogether beautiful. — Ada M. Kassimer.
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of staining after fixation of the sections to the slide. This
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When the mucous lining of the trachea and bronchiae, or
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practically, must be confirmed by clinical observation, every practitioner
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start of Minnesota’s $28,000,000 mental health program.
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capsule sutured so as to control any oozing and cover raw surfaces. The
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as that read by Dr. Stein. With Dr. Sachs some years
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report on this three years ago, when Dr. Savill first de-
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pneumonic changes. The heart was normal ; no vegetations
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Wiiereas simple atonic dyspepsia may be relieved and
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his report, it was made available from all quarters. Tlie
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recurrence. Patients sometimes suffer from repeated attacks, prolonging
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Hughes: But this was in the future. You didn't make those
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bacterial toxins rarely producing changes surpassing parenchymatous
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expectorated matter into cloths, which may be burned, or the material
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whose first child was delivered with forceps, on account of inefficient
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fore, exceedingly difficult to definitely state the actual conditions of anaero-
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of small doses of thyroid extract is similarly of value.
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more common in the U. S. than elsewhere and may show bullae and even gangrene.
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2. Dr. Ure's Diamond Cement. Isinglass 1 oz., distilled
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The war between capital and labor, the oppression of the
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slight admixture of negro blood brings with it a certain
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have recovered nearly, if not quite, all of his sight. As
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years ; 1 1 between three and four years ; 5 between four and five
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Leyden, malignant disease of the vertebrae commonly runs a course of some