El Instituto de Capacitacion para la Industria Maritima y Portuaria S.C, se
constituye para capacitar al personal subalterno de la Marina Mercante Nacional.

from their ultimate distribution directly through the spinal column to the brain ; and after

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thought, to non-uion of the wound and to suppuration.

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it well illustrates the action of the appropriate remedy.

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may determine more or less quickly certain morbid changes. The skin

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.lias practised at many of our ports fail, it would militate

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while in the case of Rat 3 an acute general infection resulted.

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was found to have in association with it various lipoids such as cholesterol

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points of methods of food preparation and of food wastage. The

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to promote the free escape of discharge from the ear, and to thoroughly

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large blister over the heart. In the early stage of the disease, for

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sac, compelled them to enter into the lachrymal canals. This

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dyspeptic symptoms, associated with a tumor in the left

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MISSOURI MEDICINE/October 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 10 671

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having spread from the fibrous textures around the joint : or, as

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care of the aviator and the symptoms and dangers of the lack of

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equilibrium of the circulation. The first indication is best

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reason, prohaWy, that all moybid changes consequent upon defective nutrition, or a feeble

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marked eczema which has existed for five months. This has

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knees ; the hydrarthrosis is insidious in its course, generally abundant, causes

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accompanies the ophthalmoscope, and which we use in

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named Leger, of Marines, Seine-et-Oise, stating that the

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ulcerati(jns usually commence on the lower half of the body, espe-

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the heart's action, contravene this object, and are, therefore, contra-indicated.

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leucoprotease. The inhibiting action of hen's serum was further

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pond closely with your own, in the pathological conditions

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Celsus speaks of one "nervis infirmus laborans " (I praef., 23), and

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to a free condition. As Schonbein's view i Brutality of Masters of Vessels. — Some

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The business of the dentist is partly mechanical, such as extracting

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cision at this point is apt to result in cicatricial formations,

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Ewen in 50 or 53 cases of tubercular meningitis, with one case doubt-

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to transmit human smallpox to cattle by inoculation

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cause to disappear certain nervous troubles, not only

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of calculus around the ball, and the ball found in the

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same plan into a specific and claims to show that the mortality is less