El Instituto de Capacitacion para la Industria Maritima y Portuaria S.C, se
constituye para capacitar al personal subalterno de la Marina Mercante Nacional.

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Probably no other disease in the annals of medicine has had
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this spot. Cavernous breath sounds, large moist consonating rales, which we
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peraturc falls within thirty-six hours to normal, or even lower. Its decline
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knew, was iodide of potassium pushed to iodism. This was often
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ogists have divided acute pleurisy into the dry, sero-fibrinous, and
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that he knew no reason why he should have taken it. It is, however, probable
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it is in the highest degree probable that the kidne3's
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Under the head of diagnosis we read as follows: "The
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X-ray Findings: Lung abscess or atypical tuberculosis.
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franchise to the Dominion of Canada, and made the Milk Com-
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of the peripheral nature of a palsy, that the affection involves the re-
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infiew-endways and chloroformmorbus. Those who have
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Sib, — My letter in reply to Dr. Edward Scaton's two chief arguments
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origin. The intact hilum, as well as the high cylin-
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above conclusions. Sensibility to tactile impressions remains un-
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twenty-four hours later extraction was usually easily ef-
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sion, had he entered upon his duties at once on leaving
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son." Of course, it was referred to a " special " committee
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Upon the subject of ardent spirit, that has been obtained by distillation,
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Meconium. — Cholesterine exists in the meconium in considerable quan-
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nounced increase in the force of the heart's beat. The
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vertebral arteries pass. Its inner surface is concave and contains
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since the occurrence of the epistaxis, or in consequence
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him in the treatment of a series of cases of diabetes by means
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in which they have drawn up the respective accounts of
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some cities nearly double) in the mortality from acute diseases of the
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known to occur simultaneously with the appearance of
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courses of instruction on Clinical Medicine and Clinical
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peculiar seat. It may be observed in eruptions of small
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cases, to the exclusion of all other remedies, that it is difficult to decide
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she consolidated it even to that extent that scarcely any motion
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material now amount to 6,262,187 lire, and its hospital accommodation in-
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inflamed, and one would naturally expect this to be the case in the
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Clinical Diagnosis. — Chronic nephritis; ascites.
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the blood supply, produced in the respective tissues
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same way, defects of the eyes, the ears, the throat, and
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all we can to relieve suffering and prevent or alleviate present
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from twelve to eighteen inches high and bears yellow flowers.
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Pacific. The money spent every year in the Christian world for tobacco
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These produced local abscesses, but no generalisation
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(1) By testing vision. — This test includes the examination of central
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forty-two baths were required. The length of the stay