El Instituto de Capacitacion para la Industria Maritima y Portuaria S.C, se
constituye para capacitar al personal subalterno de la Marina Mercante Nacional.

Also, Reprint. — ITlall (F.) A human embjyo of the sec-
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The Bacteriology of Influenza. — Dr. William Hal-
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ation of the operative interference, but has the objectionable
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eases. The local character of the lesions also militated against
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followed by an address entitled "The Contagiousness of Tuber-
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respects was normal : and it may be remarked in passing that
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eye alternately in the daytime with protargol vaseline in a
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ment is known as the fever of the eruption, or the primary fever. In this
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with wounded and half-starved soldiers, Laennec was to the front
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seven months after the development of symptoms referable to the liver
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arising out of these. So, on the other hand, deficiency of sustenance, or
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spite of instructions, are often a constant menace to
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that he has paid particular attention to the peculiarities of
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avoid pressure. We elevate the leg and the next day take a pair
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pound and comminuted fracture of the thigh. There was not
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sium permanganate in solution, for posterior urethritis
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can be utilized therapeutically, particularly for the institution of
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not alcohol or syphilis per se, but a condition of lowered nutrition,
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wide. The left lateral incision visible as a cut lying to
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presented a highly inflamed and excoriated appearance. In some spots it
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value as a remedy in pneumonia, or any other disease indeed in which its pro-
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of the facial nerve, denotes a central lesion, these nerves arising from the
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tions of the world, with the exception of India and Aus-
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ous escapes. And this slight displacement, and possibly
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none the less thorough. From time to ^.ral practitioner; and to refresh your
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the catheter, and provided with a reliable stopcock.
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held a few inches away so as to leave the patient to breathe
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and who had no apparent active tuberculosis. In the
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h to c to d and so on almost indefinitely. It may grow passively in
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I am in doubt as to whether the case shown by Dr. Rodman belongs
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dizzy. She was very anaemic, which showed itself especially
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twenty-two brains distributed in age from the thirty-second
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even over the whole of one half of the chest from apex to base, including
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was finely injected, and in front roughened with lymph ; the
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mind about the ignis fatuus of asthenopia dependent
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ed twice daily, and the bowels continued to act regularly and copi-
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people at your homes, that you may tell them how much their
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the habit of relieving his sufferings with morphia. The means of relief
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and when properly attended to, often ends well to the foetus. Cases
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hands of the quack, either ending in some surprising cure, or leading the
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scripts of Prince Hohenlohe. And they form a particu-
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The prognosis is less favorable in boys than girls. Death does not often
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glottis — the small space between the vocal chords through which
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the fibrils become undulv stretched and strained ;•
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carried by such an argument, I must confess, seems rather
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nothing in the appearance of the optic nerve or retina to account for the
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It might be thought that all has been said that can be said on the treatment ot
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more regular, and the intensity of the conjunctivitis